jayne poulter


Jayne started flying single and dual line kites in 1990.

She traded a bicycle for part share of a kite buggy at the age of 19, and spent the next 11 years competing in buggy competitions throughout Europe, claiming the British championship for 7 consecutive years and the European title for 2 years.

She was secretary for the PKA for 6 years.

She was a regular STACK UK sport kite Judge for 4 + years at UK and European events.

Off the buggy course, she was (the better looking) half of pairs team Zen with Tony TC Cartwright, competing for fun using Flexifoils in precision and ballet.

She enjoys flying B-Pro Rev and Benson trick kites with the Phoenix Kite Collective.

In recent years she has assisted in the organisation, planning and public announcement (MC Jayne) at Brisbane Kite Festival, Yamba Kite festival, Brunswick Heads Bikes and Kites Festival, and demonstrated at Coolum Kite festival and Redcliffe Kite Fest.

Her passion is to get kites in the hands of children and see their faces brighten with joy and amazement.