craig stevens

“You’ve changed”

Born and bred in South Africa, Craig and his family immigrated to Australia in 1999.

Craig is a “numerical engineer” by trade and got into kiting to do something completely different from his day job and to make new friends.

Craig has been flying for about 20 months now. He originally bought a couple of $6 dual line stunt kites for himself and his nephew to try out. After flying like he was at a rave, Michael from the Redcliffe Kite Club showed him how to fly properly and lent him a decent set of lines. Since that day Craig was hooked. Now his kite collection has grown to 16!

Craig flies single line, dual line and quad line kites and his first Revolution kite was a full sail B-Series. Craig’s first kite festival was the Redcliffe KiteFest 2014 where he met the USA/Canadian members of the Phoenix Kite Collective who showed him how to fly.

When asked what he brings to the Phoenix Kite Collective he will tell you, “Good looks, cultural diversity, a funny accent, rum, apple sours, wine gums and the ability to fly left-handed kites.”

Craig loves being part of a group who share a passion for flying kites, supporting each other, enjoying each other’s company, having laughs and having fun no matter what a person flies.

Since 2014, Craig has performed at the Redcliffe KiteFest 2015 and the Gold Coast Kite Festival 2015 with the Phoenix Kite Collective and looks forward to meeting his American-facebook-kite-flying friends in the future.