bazzer poulter
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bazzer poulter

chief sew and sew

bazzer.poulterBefore becoming a full time kite builder, Barry (aka. Bazzer) Poulter attended Art College and Theatre Design College where he specialized in rigging, set and lighting design, skills which served him well in that industry for many years.  After moving to the USA from England and then to Australia, he quickly earned a reputation as one of the finest kite makers around, winning several awards in AKA National Kite Making Competitions and producing the B Series Pro kites for Revolution.

Since the hiatus of iQuad, he continues producing his unique single line creations under his company name (Glued to the Blue), and looks forward to new adventures as one of the founding four members of the Phoenix Kite Collective. Bazzer is well known for his out going nature, contagious smile and laughter and is Encyclopedia-like knowledge of flight and design.

david hathaway
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david hathaway

chief chimp

monkeyAlso know as “Monkey” or “Monks”, iQuad co-founder David Hathaway has been flying sport kites for more than 18years.  Starting his competition career in 2006, he’s accumulated 4 AKA Nationals trophies since then, along with numerous NWSKL individual and pairs championships.

David is an Internet geek by day, and a musician by night. Otherwise, he can be found off flying a kite somewhere in Vancouver, BC.

As one of the founding four members of the Phoenix Kite Collective, David also looks forward to the new adventures that await the Collective.

David’s knowledge of IT, kite flying/competition and general quick wit make him irreplaceable. He also collects cats.

steve de rooy
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steve de rooy

double dutch

StevieDSteve has been involved in all aspects of kite flying for well over twenty years. He’s also spent a number of years in the power kite flying arena – kite buggying, kite surfing and mountain boarding. From the very beginning of this addicting sport, Steve was involved in single line, dual-line and quad-line kites.He has been building and designing kites since he was a teen. Some of his recent works include an arch, an 11 Banner tribute to Ray Bethell, and many personalized ROKs. His enjoyment primarily comes from watching new fliers come out and try this wonderful sport. After a seven year adventure with iQuad, Steve is now one of the four founding members of The Phoenix Kite Collective. His kind smile, gentle nature, and seemingly endless patience have made him an integral part of the kiting community.  

willow robin
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willow robin

chief chick

Willow RobinWillow Robin was introduced to the world of Kite flying by Steve de Rooy in 2008 and mentored by other experienced pilots along the way. Willow grasped that feel of what it really means to ” Own your Hover” and went on to become one of the founding members of Team Island Quad in 2009. Always there with a helping hand, Willow’s positive “go getter” attitude, drive and determination garnered her a coveted position on Team iQuad. Her ability to adapt quickly made her an excellent choice for both teams. She is now one of the four founding members of The Phoenix Kite Collective. Her gregarious spirit and huge heart is well known amongst the kite community. She excels at helping others wanting to learn how to enjoy this wonderful sport.

spencer watson
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spencer watson


Spenny Watty

Commonly referred to as “Watty”, Spencer began flying kites in 2005 at the age of 13. Now in his 20s, Spencer has earned several awards at the American Kite Flyers Association Grand National Championships. Spencer has also been know for his work in kiting education with his video tutorials, and occasional work at kite workshops and clinics. Flying indoors, outdoors, dual line, single line, and quad line, Spencer has a range of expertise and experience.

Spencer works as a web developer. Spencer is based in Seattle, WA, and is occasionally found flying a kite on Piers 62 and 63 in the Seattle waterfront. Like Monkey, Spencer also likes cats.

Now back in the kiting scene a year after performing with iQuad, Spencer is looking forward to many adventures to come.




“Camakazi Bodie – Cambodia!”

The tallest member of Phoenix Kite Collective!

Bodie has been flying Revs and single line kites for a few years now, when not busy trashing his 4X4 or being a wonderful Dad.

craig stevens

craig stevens

“You’ve changed”

Born and bred in South Africa, Craig and his family immigrated to Australia in 1999.

Craig is a “numerical engineer” by trade and got into kiting to do something completely different from his day job and to make new friends.

Craig has been flying for about 20 months now. He originally bought a couple of $6 dual line stunt kites for himself and his nephew to try out. After flying like he was at a rave, Michael from the Redcliffe Kite Club showed him how to fly properly and lent him a decent set of lines. Since that day Craig was hooked. Now his kite collection has grown to 16!

Craig flies single line, dual line and quad line kites and his first Revolution kite was a full sail B-Series. Craig’s first kite festival was the Redcliffe KiteFest 2014 where he met the USA/Canadian members of the Phoenix Kite Collective who showed him how to fly.

When asked what he brings to the Phoenix Kite Collective he will tell you, “Good looks, cultural diversity, a funny accent, rum, apple sours, wine gums and the ability to fly left-handed kites.”

Craig loves being part of a group who share a passion for flying kites, supporting each other, enjoying each other’s company, having laughs and having fun no matter what a person flies.

Since 2014, Craig has performed at the Redcliffe KiteFest 2015 and the Gold Coast Kite Festival 2015 with the Phoenix Kite Collective and looks forward to meeting his American-facebook-kite-flying friends in the future.

jayne poulter

jayne poulter


Jayne started flying single and dual line kites in 1990.

She traded a bicycle for part share of a kite buggy at the age of 19, and spent the next 11 years competing in buggy competitions throughout Europe, claiming the British championship for 7 consecutive years and the European title for 2 years.

She was secretary for the PKA for 6 years.

She was a regular STACK UK sport kite Judge for 4 + years at UK and European events.

Off the buggy course, she was (the better looking) half of pairs team Zen with Tony TC Cartwright, competing for fun using Flexifoils in precision and ballet.

She enjoys flying B-Pro Rev and Benson trick kites with the Phoenix Kite Collective.

In recent years she has assisted in the organisation, planning and public announcement (MC Jayne) at Brisbane Kite Festival, Yamba Kite festival, Brunswick Heads Bikes and Kites Festival, and demonstrated at Coolum Kite festival and Redcliffe Kite Fest.

Her passion is to get kites in the hands of children and see their faces brighten with joy and amazement.

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Bob is one of a kind – he is the MC for most kiting events in QLD.

Everyone loves Bob.

When he gets a spare 5 mins he loves to pick up his Rev or any single line kite he can get his hands on.

sean dix
  • speciality 75%

sean dix

“Sean is Special”

Sean has been flying dual line trick kites and B Pro Revs for 5 years.

He has amazed crowds at Redcliffe Kite Fest for the past few years with his trick flying.

He loves just letting it all hang loose and is looking forward to being a father later in the year.

mick crowley

mick crowley

mickNeed kite technology? Mick is our expert.

He flys anything and will tweak it and light it up.

On a Sunday he loves just getting out there and relaxing with his dual line stunt kites, and practising with his Revs.

He is an active member of Redcliffe Kite Club, always willing to lend a hand and brighten your day.

He has demonstrated his skills and talents at the past few Redcliffe Kite Fests and at many international festivals.