Event Coordination

If you are planning a local event and believe that kite flying can be a part of the spectacle then we are here to help – whether is all about the kites, or if kite flying can complement your event in some way, we would love to assist you.


As a collective we have over 75 years of event experience, from the UK, USA, Canada and here in Australia.


We know what we do and how to do it to the best of our abilities, customised to your event.


Factors to consider are:

  • the site location
  • anticipated wind direction
  • time and duration
  • budget and costings
  • Risk Assessment
  • and most importantly your objective.


For instance, The Brisbane Kite Festival is a collaboration between Phoenix kite Collective and Friends from the local kite clubs and the Rotary Clubs in the region. Rotary arrange the infrastructure and logistics for the event and we provide the kite displays and demonstrations and MC.


We can discuss what infrastructure would be provided by Yourselves and/or the Local Council and what we are able to assist with.


We can provide an interactive program that suits your location (winds really dictate what we can do and when) that can include mega team demonstrations, master classes, children kite flying, fighter kites, Rok battles, altitude sprint, and in the near future teddy bear drops and inflatable ball races.


Obviously cost is important. Some festivals have a huge budget with lots of council and sponsor donations and grants.

We will work with you to make a great festival to meet your budget.


Our emphasis is on participation and family fun, with public involvement and “up close and have a go hands on experiences” and also contests between the flyers with spectators voting for the winner.
We have take this approach for 2 reasons – often there is little or no budget to bring in anyone but local flyers and secondly kite flying is so much fun – it encompasses the whole family from 9 months to 99 years.


We understand there may not always be a huge budget to bring over international flyers.

Australia has many talented kiting folk, and many are based in NSW or QLD – in the Phoenix Kite Collective (Aus) we have kite buggiers, trick flyers ,quad line team , single line kite designer, large inflatable, ariel photography, night flying and a MC for events. Other local talent include Kite surfers, Kite Artists, and trick flyers. We are spoilt for choice.


Please contact us by email so we can make a arrangement to call and find our your requirements and how we can help make your next event spectacular.


Jayne Poulter

Event Collaboration